Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Post-Exams Placement... And Prescriptions?!

This is definitely how I'm feeling thus far into my placement due to lack of sleep....

Stardate: 92102.82

It's been a long while since I last wrote a post, but in all fairness, I've had a lot going on to actually really think about my blog! I've completed all my first year exams (and passed them all, and gained an overall high 2:1 grade; one shall work harder next year), moved into my new house for second year, undertaken and passed 4 out of my 5 clinical assessments (1 more to go), and have also been going back and forth to placement sites.

I'm six weeks into my 11-week long Summer placement, and I'm getting to that stage where my brain is on the verge of going on auto-pilot from early starts, input overload and circuit overuse. I've done lots of general x-ray, some in my base hospital site, and some in the 'satellite' hospitals. I've been on Mobiles & Theatre, next week I'm in A&E, and the week after that I'll be placed in Cardiac for the first time. I think Cardiac is like mobiles, but I'm actually not sure. I'll find out soon enough!

Although the exams are over, I've still got work for the portfolio to finish, which includes a 2,000 word case study and various forms. The case I've chosen is about atelectasis. But more about that to follow, as I am still researching into the condition... well, enough to sound coherent and knowledgeable on the subject, anyway. 

You'd think with all that's going on, my body would at least try to function on at a normal human standard. But no, mine has other ideas. Upon visiting a GP with some worsening thoracic (upper back) pain, I found out I am now possibly suffering with Myofascial Pain Syndrome. In other words, my back muscles have knotted up in a specific point to the right of my left scapula and are making life much less fun than before. I'm managing, but I've now been prescribed a tube of Ibuprofen gel, and the strong painkiller Codeine. Yesterday, I was fine, but today, the codeine made me feel completely drowsy and a little more mellow than usual. I didn't fall asleep at lunch... honest.

One other thing you have to get used to, and has finally made an impact, while being a student radiographer, is being almost completely poor for the majority of your degree course. With all the travelling to placement, secondary accommodation, paying for food, rent and bills, and then waiting for the NHS to pay the claim money back into your account, it's no wonder I hide in my room cuddled up with a book! Holiday to Middle-Earth anyone?

I've only one more assessment to go, which is my spine assessment. I'm prepared and ready to get it over and done with. It's just a shame there are never many spines to x-ray on a general x-ray department. There's always the odd one or two, but it figures that when they do come through, there's always at least 5 other examinations to do, and the assessors are too busy to actually assess you!

But once that's done, I will be able to have 5 glorious weeks of doing as little as possible to enjoy. Shall I re-watch all of Sherlock, or catch up on all the video games I haven't finished playing? Oh, choices, choices! What's that you say? Go outside and enjoy the sun? I don't even know what that is anymore...


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