Monday, 25 August 2014

First Year Finale

That feeling when you've finished your first year successfully.

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It's been a while since I wrote a post, but let's just blame that on trying to finish my case study! So, after a good 11 months, my first year as a student radiographer is finally over! There's been stress-fuelled all-nighters cramming for exams, early mornings waiting for the bus to placement in the rain and piles and piles of lecture notes and textbooks to hike through. It's been a whole new experience. The course is definitely intensive, but it'll be worth it in the end.

In two weeks I'm off to the IAFR's Forensic Radiography conference in Teeside, and I know it sounds a little sad, but I'm actually excited for it, seeing as it's my first conference. I've even planned a smart-casual outfit, so I don't look like an out-of-place student.

But for now, I'm just enjoying my time off, spending time on my PS3, participating in Parkrun's and earning a little extra money from my part-time job here and there.

Here's looking forward to the new academic year!



  1. Hi Emily, congrats on finishing your first year, I guess second year isn't too far away now!
    I'm starting in a couple of weeks and I've just been told my placements are in hull for first and third year, and Harrogate for second year.
    I must admit I was totally gutted. I'm not even in leeds for any of the years!
    So I was just wondering how you coped with placements being in hull? Do you go to placement once a week, and then just live there in the full week placements? Also do you know much about the people who go to Harrogate, do they just commute every day or live there? I appreciate any advice to be honest, just having my first placement panic! I'm sure it won't be the last!
    Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Beth,
      Thanks for the congrats, it feels so good to have time off! And it's soon that you'll be here! I'm actually excited for my second year. Don't be too disheartened about getting Hull and Harrogate. Harrogate is a placement area that only takes on around 4-5 students so you'll have plenty of one-on-one training, which is actually very beneficial. And most students there just commute from Leeds. It's not too far, apparently.
      I was gutted when I was given Hull, but don't worry too much about it, they're actually really good hospitals to train in, all the radiographers are nice, and if you get Castle Hill, it's a very relaxed environment :)
      You go on placement in blocks for the majority of the year, and will have to stay in Hull, but for the first few weeks you go for one day a week.
      If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed when you get here, we can meet up and I can show you around the campus and talk through anything you're panicked about! Just drop me an email:
      Emily :3

    2. Thanks so much for your reply. I'm definitely coming around to having my placements there, and I know to just make the most of it and it'll be fine. They both sound like good places to be anyway. The fact harrogate only takes a few people is pretty cool, I think that'll be a good experience :)
      You've definitely put my mind at ease anyway, and yeah, cheers, it's be cool to meet up at some point, I'll be in touch :)
      Beth x