Thursday, 17 September 2015

What Do You Mean I'm a Third Year?!

Definitely how I feel when it comes to university work!

Stardate: 93312.32

I realise I have been very non-existant on this blog as of late, but I've had a lot going on, and I completely forgot to write a post. After my mammography placement block, it was just a matter of getting my assessments completed and filling in our portfolio examinations, so I ended up returning to CT and similar departments. Following that, I had one exam resit (yay for reduced Summer holiday time) and lots of part-time work shifts. Oh, I also visited Dubai, too.

Now the realisation that I only have 10 months left until I graduate has finally dawned on me... I am terrified! That's barely any time, and soon enough, I'll be applying for jobs. I have suddenly lost the ability to do remember anything about x-rays... *sobs quietly in a corner*.

This year is when we have optional modules, as well as the compulsory ones:
  • Our Research Project (AKA the dreaded dissertation)
  • Professional Practice (the placement module)
  • Diagnostic Imaging Technique
  • Pathophysiology
  • Preparation for Practice
  • 2 optional modules, of which I chose a Focused Practice module and Advanced Medical Imaging Systems
  •  and finally the elective weeks in June.
I have some idea on what my dissertation will be, but I'll try to avoid thinking about it again until it's mentioned in a lecture... just to be on the safe side. Especially after looking at how many essays we have to hand in this year, the above gif works wonderfully. This year is going to be... hard. As for my electives, I've been playing with the idea of going abroad, or spending some time in a CT department... as I can't do anything Forensic related until I graduate. I'm not ready to be a full-blown adult yet...!

Either way, I apologise for the lack of posting, I will pick it back up as soon as the semester starts next week!



  1. Hi Emily, I have and will be continuing to read your blog with interest. I have graduated in a field which doesn't remotely interest me anymore and wish to re-orient myself to possibly diagnostic radiography. Do you have any books to advise to individuals who don't have a rigorous science background and wish to know a bit more about what radiography involves? I'm definitely looking into anatomy and human biology books but thought that as a student, you might have specific titles to quote.

    Again, thanks for putting such interesting content out there.


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