Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy Belated Christmas and New Year!

This is how my Christmas and New Year holiday generally looked. Except I had piles of textbooks around me...

Stardate: 91629.78

As the title says, despite their belatedness, Happy Christmas and New Year!

Well, it has been a while since I wrote an entry, but I am putting that down to three things:
  • an incredibly evil essay my year had to write for the Learning Together, Working Together module (3,000 words of pain)
  • part-time work (Boxing Day sales how I loathe thee!)
  • and finally fatigue and anti-social tendencies
Yes, it's true, when an essay rolls around, I tend to either disappear into the ether until it's finished, or I pretend it doesn't exist and leave it until I have around three weeks left to complete it. I managed to hole myself up in my living room with piles of textbooks and handwritten notes surrounding me, with a vast quantity of tabs in Chrome detailing journal articles open on my laptop. But, it is done and I can breathe once more. Well, this is me we're talking about, so probably not. As I'm writing this I've got a textbook on 'Comprehensive Radiographic Pathology' open next to me, with post-it notes stuck everywhere. Hey-ho.

So, how do I summarise my first semester with the University of Leeds? Overall, it was highly enjoyable and eye-opening, and I'm looking forward to some new course material to return to. I survived my first three week placement block (just about), and I feel like I learnt a great deal. I applied to be a student rep alongside another student, so the pair of us will try our best to get our cohort's concerns and thoughts heard. What else... oh yes, I definitely decided I want to become a Forensic Radiographer. We all know how I like a good challenge (or that mind-numbing boredom sets in), and I believe this will be the perfect one for me.

We received a whole year rota for our clinical placement blocks (well, the students at my placement did anyway), and I have a nice mix coming up. For my two-week January placement (on my birthday! Woe is me!) I'll be in Mobiles & Theatre in week one (hopefully I won't faint this time), and general X-ray for week two, so that'll be a nice opportunity to get the clinical experience portfolio filled in. Roll on early morning starts, cafeteria food and waiting for ages in the cold for a bus.

Semester 2 technically starts again on Monday, but it's our assessment week, and as we only had that one essay from Hell, we're hoping for an extra week off. So our real semester starts the week of my birthday, from January 20th. Which begins with two weeks of placement.

Hopefully this semester is even better than the first.

The game is on! (LLAP)

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