Monday, 20 January 2014

Return of the Placement!

As insane as it sounds, it's slightly true.

Stardate: 91659.59

So, I'm back out on placement already, and my first day started off in a bit of a panic. Why? Well, because I thought it was okay to not check the TLD (Thermoluminescent dosimetry) I was handed before getting the train to placement. As a result, I found out I had the wrong TLD, which brought forward the looming possibility of not being able to go on placement until I had the correct one, which could take up to 3 days...

Luckily, the Radiation Supervisor and my clinical tutor said that one not having a TLD for a couple of days wouldn't be a major risk... unless something drastic happened. So I decided to risk it and get on placement anyway.

I was glad that I did. I managed to get lots of examinations for my portfolio signed off, mainly chest x-rays, because there weren't many portable examinations being requested. I saw some interesting departments like Oncology and ICU, and was glad to find out I hadn't forgotten everything since last year, which I consider to be a bonus. There were one or two situations that happened involving fainting patients and the like, but it was all good experience, and you learn from them quickly. Being in the department with other students can be helpful as looking at each others x-rays is fun, and good practice, as you get to see some pretty amazing things, and wince in unison at some painful ones.

I'm hoping that tomorrow I get to go into theatre, because tomorrow happens to be my birthday, and I want it to be interesting. I don't tend to make a big deal about them, but being the strange person I am, I think it'd be great fun to get some time in theatre to learn how the techniques are adapted to different cases. And who doesn't like a bit of gore now and then?

As for spare time, in between what little sleep I tend to get and now being out on clinical, I've started doing an online Forensic Science course, which entails studying the field using a 'Murder on the Loch' case study, while I sit happily listening to Mozart. It's fascinating, and as it's linked to what I want to do in the future, some of the material slots in nicely. It seems one has gone back into her geeky-recluse mode once more...

LLAP and the game is now most definitely on.

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