Saturday, 18 May 2013

Coping with Work-load!

So this film was just amazing. It was one of the things that convinced me to finish my assignments!

Stardate: 90983.56

Good evening readers!

I know you're all hoping that today's post will entail something radiography related, but once again, I apologise, but I'm limited in what I can post at the moment, due to my time being pretty much split up into college, part-time work, Taekwon-do classes, exercise sessions and then college work. So I'm a little thin-on-the-ground when it comes to radiography topics, but I promise when I start university, I will back on track. I know my main interest for this blog should be what I originally started it for, but it's also an outlet for myself, too.

Anyway, as the post image suggests, I have found my coping mechanism has come in handy greatly at the moment. College has chosen to culminate all of our final assignment deadlines on the same week, so in order to cope, I've turned to my favourite thing... Star Trek. Of course, as some of you may know, the new film came out in May. I urge you all, watch it!

But really, this post is literally about finding your way to cope with work-load. As I've been informed by many university radiography course leaders, finding a way to relax after a long day, (especially when on placement) is incredibly important for those working in health-care. It can range from anything: reading, watching TV, sports, or even rock-climbing (if that's your thing!) As long as you gain satisfaction and a "get-away" feeling from it, it's good for your mental-coping!

This doesn't just apply to those in health-care, it applies to everyone who has a sufficient amount of work and tasks they do through the week. Without relaxation, stress builds, and with stress, comes a less effective immune system

So in summary, don't feel guilty when you take time out for yourself! It's good for you! (It's also a brilliant excuse for a little procrastination from time to time!)

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