Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Society of Radiographers

The Society of Radiographers was founded in 1920.

Stardate: 90983.56

Okay, so I decided that it was about time I wrote a properly Radiography-related topic. So, I decided to research the Society of Radiographers

The SoR represents 90% of all the diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers in the UK. Their objectives are:
  • to promote and develop the science and practice of radiography and radiotherapeutic technology for the public benefit
  • to promote, study and research work in radiography and radiotherapeutic technology
  • to further public education
  • to protect the honour and interests of those engaged in the practice of radiography and radiotherapeutic technology 
The College of Radiographers (CoR) is a subsidiary of the SoR, that are directed towards education, research and other activities in support of the science and practice of radiography. It assesses the programmes of both pre-registration courses, post-registration training and ongoing professional registration

The SoR issues different publications including:
  • Imaging and Therapy Practice - provides coverage of the latest professional education issues that affect the day-to-day lives of therapeutic and diagnostic radiographers. 
  • Synergy News - a news digest of what is currently happening in the world of radiography and wider healthcare area. It covers a wide-range of issues such as: career progression, role development, pay, research and equality issues.
  • Radiography - an international peer-reviewed journal of diagnostic radiography and radiation therapy.
  • Imaging & Oncology - an annual publication that will coincide with the United Kingdom Radiology Congress.
The SoR also maintains grants and awards, including:
  • Overseas Placement Award - established in 1988. Supports a number of radiography placements in developing countries.
  • Fellowship of the College of Radiographers Award -  an honorary title, bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contribution to the radiographic profession.
  • and many others coinciding with outstanding contributions to the radiography field.
Looking into it, joining the SoR when you become a Radiography student is quite beneficial, as they offer access to magazines and journals, a downloadable document library, attendance to conferences and events, a benevolent fund and certain awards.

I'm sure when you start a university course, the SoR will be mentioned, but it's always good to look at what's out there, in terms of having a little preparation before everything begins!


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