Monday, 2 September 2013

Loans and Forms and Mail, Oh My!

"Are you sure I've sent all the correct forms? Even the DBS one? What about the placement form?"

Stardate: 91276.61

One thing I've learnt since I began to receive correspondence from all the universities I applied to is: keep on top of everything they send you (e-mails included)!

You would think I would have learnt the first time around that every letter is important until you're actually at university! I've managed to lose my DBS reference number, so that resulted in a long telephone conversation chasing up my certificate's status; I managed to put the wrong postcode on my placement form, but not my student mentor form and so the problems persist! 

Considering I'm one of those people who consistently checks everyday to see if I'm the recipient of any form of post whatsoever, (nothing compares to that feeling when you get mail!) losing track of it is ridiculously easy.

So, to solve that problem, I invested in a mini-folder just to keep track of all my correspondence, and anything else to do with university: letters from Leeds, student finance, Occupational Health, the welcome packs; everything!

I'm being serious, the amount of times you lose that one important letter you need is amazing. And you always seem to find it after you need it

In terms of replying, try to complete and send back any forms the university sends you as soon as you can. Especially things like placement forms, as they're usually first-come-first-served based. DBS and Occupational Health forms are also important to get out of the way, as they can hinder your application and registration with the university if they're late! Honestly, you don't want to leave everything until the last minute, it takes longer to rectify!

Oh also, make a note of important dates down in diaries and post-its, just to make sure you don't forget about them. You never know, if you lose the letter, there's a note somewhere else to jog your memory! 

At least this way it's all in once place, right? It's also great to keep insurance documents with these letters. Actually, just keep everything to do with university together (clearly not your class notes... unless you don't like being over-organised... like me).

Two weeks to go until my Induction week!

LLAP and Allons-y!

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