Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fresher's Fatigue

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So, it's only two days into Fresher's Week, and I'm already getting tired! Although you hear plenty about it, Fresher's Week really does knacker you out (and for me that's even without riotous nights out!) Your first day is always without doubt just an information overload! But luckily, everyone's just as lost as one other, and still trying to get to know their classmates. Not only that, but if you walk past the Parkinson Building countless people offer you handfuls of vouchers and flyers, some by hand (or in a bag if it's from Dominoes.)

You get welcomed by the staff who'll be teaching you, meet your mentors and have a general look around campus. Our first day went smoothly as a whole... well, after we had a bit of a palaver over a double-booked room

Today, however, was our clinical placement visit day. Each group of radiography students went to their respective sites, and learnt more about the place they would be studying. 

We arrived at the first site to meet one of our lecturer practitioners, and have our ID cards issued. Pinning them on suddenly made everything seem a little bit more real, (I know I certainly started to feel a little more professional wearing mine), even though we all know not one of us have a clue what we're doing!

Our mentors gave us tours around both the main teaching sites. Both sites were large buildings and although imposing at first, I'm pretty sure I'll get used to them eventually! The one thing that will need to be learnt quickly is finding my way to the secondary accommodation and back, as well as the bus routes! Nobody wants to get lost on their first few days of placement!

Welcome packs for the sites were also handed out, which told us what we'd be doing on our first two clinical days (spread over a two week period). My week one's clinical day will be spent in Mobiles & Theatre, and week two will be in General X-ray. I seriously can't wait! It'll be so exciting!

Aside from the walking and piling-up information, the day was fun and a nice day out for us all. I may not remember everything I was told, but I definitely can't wait to get out on placement, and really start getting my teeth into being a student radiographer! Hopefully I catch up with the rest of Fresher's Week... it's a little sad when you've barely done anything, and you have to nap at home later on!

LLAP and Geronimo!

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