Wednesday, 4 September 2013

SoR Membership

"I've got a free membership? Look at how shiny and free it is! Sign me up!"

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It's getting closer and closer until I start my first year as a student radiographer, and lots of information and forms have been flying about (as was mentioned in my last post). The latest has been an e-mail on behalf of the Society of Radiographers from UCAS, offering all first year students a complimentary membership. Which I plan to take full advantage of!

Now, I've already written a post concerning the Society of Radiographers, but I think it was a little vague, (so this is a little update, really) so what can students can get from itThe membership for first years starts from October 1st 2013 and finishes next year on September 30th 2014. After the first year, membership costs only £4 a month (which is actually rather cheap!)

The SoR membership benefits: 
  • latest radiography news 
  • a £5 million professional indemnity insurance
  • professional magazines and journals
  • full access to the Society's website
  • an electronic portfolio to record continuing educational activities
  • access to documents which will help with those impending assignments (watch out, they're coming!)
  • information regarding conferences and seminars, including the annual student conference
  • access to the student radiographer magazine StudentTalk
  • officer visits to your university
  • the SoR's Benevolent Fund - financial support for times of hardship
  • Student of the Year award
  • and finally, assignment publication
The membership application for first year students link was sent out yesterday, so if you haven't applied for it already, do so!

LLAP and Geronimo!

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