Friday, 11 October 2013

Professional Practice Assessment and Markers!

So, how on earth am I supposed to customise these?!

Stardate: 91380.69

Today in our Professional Practice (Clinical Skills) class, we were informed on how the module was going to be assessed. Personally, it sounded incredibly overwhelming, but once I get into the swing of clinical I'm sure I'll get the hang of the assessment process.

Basically, the way we'll be assessed for our clinical practice is like so:
  • Clinical Placement Assessment
    - weekly monitoring forms
    - observed assessment of practice
    - unassisted examinations with a final unassisted examination in 5 areas: upper limb, lower limb, chest, spine and abdomen/pelvis
  • and Portfolio Assessment
    - record of clinical experience
    - evidence of clinical practice
    - ALPS forms
    - 1 case study
    - training certificates
On paper it looks simple (well, it doesn't when you go through the whole handbook), but it gets confusing quickly!

After this had been explained as simply as possible, we then went through the first rite of passage as student radiographers: receiving our radiographic markers!

Ours look a lot like the picture above, and we've been told that in order to not lose them, we need to personalise them somehow. Looking at mine, I have no idea how this will be achieved... maybe I'll draw a Starfleet symbol on them.... or maybe engrave my name in Circular Gallifreyan. Who knows? As long as people know they're my markers, it'll be fine. I'll just make mine as geeky as is possible

It's amazing how two thin strips of metal can make one person so proud of themselves... and so ready to start practising some x-ray examinations! 

LLAP guys!

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  1. Ooo get you! We don't get our markers till we get onto placement mid-November, I don't think. Thinking I'm going to put washi tape strips around the top of mine!
    I'm with you on the volume of paperwork for practical assessment >.> one logbook to cover 3 years of examinations, one for 1st year for reflection, one for the year 1 competencies, AND one for each block of practice placement. All full of things to get signed!