Monday, 28 October 2013

The End of the Beginning!

I have broken one of my own "rules" and instigated a photo being taken... of myself!

Stardate: 91429.8

I'm now onto Week 5 of my course, and on Thursday (yes, Halloween) I will be off out on my first day of clinical placement (it's only for one day, but the big 3 week placement is looming closer!) Am I nervous? Maybe... okay, yes. (Mainly because as I've said before, us newbies pretty much know absolutely nothing!

Yes, we've had some basic clinical skills drilled in, such as Moving & Handling, Basic Life Support, and Basic Positioning and Patient Care Techniques, but I am wondering which of my fellow students have actually managed to retain all this well enough to not blank on the first day!

Our comfortable start of semester lectures are starting to get more complex (but not difficult, just more interesting... apparently we cannae change the laws of physics), everyone's starting to tire out faster, books are starting to be loaned from the libraries (not that I hadn't started that as soon as I got to Leeds, mind) and we're all (I'm sure) getting nervous for our first real placement

For my first "introductory" day on placement, I'll be working on Mobiles and Theatre. Fitting for All Hallows' Eve, one believes. Here's hoping it isn't too... horrifying

(Dammit Jim, I'm a student radiographer, not a comedian!)

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