Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The 11-Week Stint

"How was your first day back in clinical?" "Great!"

Stardate: 92009.75

Heads up, True Believers! It's that time of term again.... placement! Bear in mind, this time round I'm here for 11 weeks, which followed on from our first year final exams (which I think went well, despite my original fears). What's that you say? I can relax now? Don't be ridiculous! I still have my portfolio, clinical assessments, an ALPS form, commenting forms, critique forms and a case study to produce yet! Does it make me miss Physics and Chemistry yet? A little...

This week (well, 2 and a half days), I'm placed in the General department, so I'll hopefully be seeing a good variety of examinations, get plenty signed off, and maybe, just maybe, get a chest assessment out of the way. It was strange going back into a clinical setting after being out for a while, especially seeing as I've been focusing so hard on revising for my exams. 

This morning happened to be a rather clunky one, (getting the 7:28 bus is too early), having stayed up late to iron all of my uniforms to save time. Getting ready with your eyes shut is never a good idea, by the way, even with my glasses on (there's a reason I keep my hair so short!) It also turns out, I forgot my placement notebook back in Leeds, which is what I attach my markers to (now jazzed up with Spider-Man stickers and polka dot patterns), so getting your images to the optimum standard, just isn't as easy. There's always something....

Once again, I felt like I'd forgotten everything, but after the first three pelvis x-rays, I was fine, considering the rest of my day consisted of... pelvis x-rays! Tomorrow is set to be my spinal tutorial, so I'll be practising spinal examinations (my favourite kind!) and critique. Finally, Friday is my half-day, so I'll be returning to Leeds for the weekend. A student radiographer's life is always busy!

I actually forgot how tiring placement is, no matter how much sleep you attempt to get beforehand. I got on the bus home and fell asleep! Luckily, I have the amazing knack to wake up just before my stop, and get off at the right one, so at least that's something. After forcing myself to make a healthy dinner, I traipsed into my room, I wrote this post, which will now be followed by a movie, a book and then bed!

Watch this space, it may get interesting...

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