Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Finals Countdown!

"So Emily, do you feel you're ready for your final exams?"

Stardate: 91935.01

Well, I'm back in lectures again for two weeks, after returning from my short Easter break (I'd say holiday, but as I was mostly revising and working, I'll refrain from doing so!) My first-year final exams are now looming ever closer, and despite revising every day, passing all the mock exams, and even printing off an A3 skeleton, I still don't feel ready. 

We've only got four exams, the longest of which being Physics at two and a half hours, but luckily they're spread out over four days, so I don't have to cram for two subjects at once beforehand. We've got two exams for Musculoskeletal Anatomy, one for Imaging Technique and one for Physics. I'm feeling confident for the Anatomy exam, as this is the one that, for now, makes the most sense. Physics on the other hand (see above image), well... writing pages and pages of notes has helped, but as far as 12-pulse bridge circuitry and rectifiers are concerned, I'm done for! You cannae change the laws of physics Jim, unfortunately...

Thankfully, a good chunk of some exams are MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), and as long as you've done some reading around and understood the basics of the module, you should get most of these right, which usually can get you to the 40% pass boundary. Following those are the long answer questions, which range from 10-20 marks. 10 mark questions apparently only need about a page of writing, and 20 is two pages (...Wha?) So, my aim is to write as much as possible (within the relevant parameters anyway), and hope for the best!

After the exams are done with, we're back off out on placement again, but this time it'll be for 11 weeks! How will I survive 11 weeks of no Taekwon-do, nor a constant internet connection?! Do I risk taking my PS3, or shall I take boxsets upon boxsets of DVDs? Oh, decisions, decisions...

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