Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Interview Preparation!

Due to being a Trekkie, I will express my relief using Captain Jean-Luc Picard!

Hello all! 

The Nerd has returned to her blogging status, the only thing I won't be blogging now, is informative posts or my WOTD (until my dictionary is back to its former glory). Only because, I've ran out of things to write about, and as I've systematically only cited photographs and images used, I'd rather not put my foot in it, especially not before even getting into a university.

My excitement is due to being offered interviews at 4 out of the 5 UCAS choices I made to study Diagnostic Radiography. Win! So, being the over-eager person I am, I ran straight to my college's Careers office, and booked an interview preparation session.

It was in fact actually very helpful, giving me hints on how to keep a cool head during one-on-one and group interviews. The main one of course, is trying to relax. Looking professional, of course, is a no-brainer. You wouldn't want to turn up looking no less than perfect, would you?

Anyway, the main things I took away from my advisory session were:
  • appropriate eye contact - especially in the one-on-one interviews, as sometimes, there may be two interviewers. One will be asking questions, the other taking notes. Despite one being more vocal than the other, don't forget the note-taker! It shows that you are including them in the discussion. It also shows your communication skills.
  • remember your personal statement - it's no use writing it, if you don't know what you've written; you never know what you'll be asked! Not only this, but research the course and subject, as it is highly likely you will be asked questions about what drew you to them etc.
  • never use the words 'no', 'but' or 'wrong' - although it's difficult to not use these words, apparently these are a big no-no! Especially the word 'wrong', as it is quite direct. Re-word your phrase, to avoid these.
  • NVC (non verbal communication) - body language speaks loudly. If you have your arms folded, you'll look very closed and defensive. But if you're too relaxed, it sets a wrong impression. Sit up straight, but not like you've been electrocuted. Don't fidget too much, nerves aren't always your friend!
I could go on, but generally, most interview advice is common sense and goes without saying. Just remember to smile and keep calm. And when it comes to group discussions, make sure you give others the chance to talk, but don't become too quiet or too overbearing. Both are quite undesirable, and shows poor communication and teamwork.

Good luck to those with interviews in the near future! Here's hoping my own advice stays in my head for my own interview dates!


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