Sunday, 24 February 2013

Interview Anxiety

"I'll just pretend I'm not here". This is how I'm currently feeling...

Stardate: 90756.77

So, the final realisation that I have my admissions interview at  the University of Derby tomorrow morning has arrived. And I'm incredibly nervous. But, I always do get nervous before interviews.

People have been giving my pointers all week, like:
  • Keep calm
  • Don't be overbearing (I couldn't even if I tried!)
  • Try to ask questions
  • Be confident
These are all well and good (I mean, I myself have been saying this advice on my blog and to others going for interviews), but now my interviews are coming closer, I've turned on my heel and hidden!

Well... hopefully my interview will go well. I even have a nice new suit... They always say dress to impress...


  1. Good luck! I've just got an offer from UCS to do Diagnostic Radiography, and I know I was bricking it before my interview - you'll do really well :)

    1. Hi, well done on your offer! My interview actually didn't go badly at all! I think I did just fine :D We'll find out soon enough!

  2. Hi, what did the derby University for Radiography involveinvolve was it an one-to one interview or was it an group interview and what was it like?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sam,
      Derby has 3 different parts to their interview process (sorry this took a while to come back to you). They have a written essay, a group interview and then individual interviews at the end. The group interview is fine and not too intimidating at all. The essay you get to choose from different topics.
      Have you got an interview with them soon?