Thursday, 7 February 2013

That Feeling...

Even Mr. Spock had his moments. I did exactly the same thing to my computer when I finished my assignment. Tears of joy and relief, of course.

Stardate: 90707.97

Captain's Log, Stardate 90707.97: the assignment from the Psychology department I received three weeks ago is almost complete. Progress with Biochemistry is going exceedingly well, with all-around enjoyment and mutual understanding. Reports have shown that my bridge officers are having difficulty in initiating an assignment from the Health Studies department, though Engineering have tried to enforce a reboot of the main power systems to get back on track. I hope our efforts do not become a waste of useful resources and time...

Yes, my assignments are being to pile up, but for once I'm grateful for the workload! You know your course is paying off when you begin to help someone else with an assignment you just handed in. Not only are my assignments piling up (and getting interesting), but my university interviews are looming closer, and some preparation is indeed in order. My "well-timed" excursion to Japan in March means I'll be taking a Biochemistry and a Psychology test earlier than the rest of my course, but thankfully, I feel completely prepared for both (Biochemistry is luckily one of my strengths).

In regards to Health News, as of late, (aside from the inquiry at Staffs Hospital), I was nosing about the usual websites and newspapers that I trawl, and I was reading a really interesting article about how the benefits of CT scans outweigh the cancer risk. Harvard Medical School carried out some research and analysed imaging records of 22,000 patients in the age group 18-35 who underwent CT scans in 2003-2007. They basically found that over an average follow-up of 5.5 years, 11% collectively had died, which is higher than the originally predicted 0.1%.

I won't spoil the whole article, but you can read it here:

 This post is getting slightly long, and I've assignments and revision to be getting on with. Hope you enjoy the article (if you read it!), and I'll try to find something interesting to write about tomorrow (and in more detail).


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