Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Anticipation Access!

I'm getting slightly nervous! Soon enough I'll be starting my Access to Health Related Studies course at South Cheshire College. My modules will be:

  • Life Sciences:
    - Cells and Tissues
    - Human Physiology
    - Introduction to Genetics
    - Microbiology
    - Biochemistry
    - Digestion and Nutrition
    - Human disease and prevention & Infection and immunity
  • Psychology:
    - Psychological Approaches
    - Abnormal Psychology
    - Social Influence
    - Developmental Psychology
  • Health Studies:
    - Stress
    - Development of Healthcare Services
    - Health Promotion
    - Equality & Diversity
I'm excited to get back into studying something academic and prepare myself for the hard work ahead of me. I'm also looking forward to wearing a lab coat.

Hmmm, this leads me to reminisce on my day shadowing a radiographer....

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