Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Day Shadowing a Radiographer

I blame Scrubs for my expectations for x-rays. I only got to hold an x-ray cassette, not a print!

Well, I finally managed to get myself some work experience at a hospital. This day of experience was undertaken in August 2012. I had an amazing day, the staff in the X-Ray Department were lovely and helpful. From the time I started until I finished I really enjoyed my day shadowing a Radiographer. The day started with a good laugh, due to me having to wear an old-style Nurse's dress! It was long, uncomfortable and strangely fitted, but never mind! I did love my souvenir hygienic hand gel!

I saw an amazing array of x-rays, ranging from chest to foot. All of them were uniquely different and intriguing and I enjoyed learning how to position the scanner, setting the dosage (and pressing the button to administer the x-ray!). The patients were all friendly and quite happy for me to observe what was going on.

I also managed to sit in on two shoulder arthrograms on two different patients (I didn't faint during the first one.. honest!... Okay, maybe I did, but it was because I needed sugar!), one for an aspiration, the other to alleviate the injected area for an MRI. This MRI experience was slightly long, yet short, due to the scans having to be re-done and re-done, but the experience was interesting all the same.

I learnt a great deal about working as a General Radiographer, as well as the duties and systems one would use on a daily basis. As the hospital I was at happens to be an orthopaedic hospital, most of my day was spent in the X-Ray department, meeting patients who were having check-ups on their joint replacements etc.

I was also shown an interesting previous x-ray of a hip that had been damaged due to a horse falling on it. This hip had been repaired and replaced and looked completely different. It amazed me at how far medical technologies have advanced over the years.

I can't wait to book another work experience day at a bigger hospital so I can experience what other Radiographers do, including CT scanners and a more indepth look into MRI scans.

Things seem to be coming together... Now just to get started on the necessary evil also known as the personal statement!


  1. It's good to see your enjoying yourself.
    At risk of sounding like a pervert, being totally innocent curiosity I was wondering how the uniform looked on ya...bloody norah I hope I don't go to hell for that comment after all it is a cat killer

  2. I didn't get any photos unfortunately. But I looked slightly odd as the dress was too long!

  3. Will have much fun reading this <3