Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Riveting Reads

A brilliant book to read due to its depth. Photograph: plodit.com

Hey all! I apologise for not posting anything yesterday. I was incredibly tired out and in pain from a Taekwon-do session, so I ended up falling asleep as soon as I got home!

Anyway, people at my college are all in the same boat as me, and are wondering what textbooks are good and which aren't for different things. At the moment, I can only really suggest Anatomy and Physiology textbooks, and other books of interest (these are pretty vital, and also highly interesting!).

So far, I've managed to find 5 books that I've thoroughly enjoyed and have taught me a great deal (and help me to write and understand my posts!). For anyone who just wants to understand the Human Body a little bit more, my favourite book (complete with an overused spine) is DK's 'The Human Body' (ISBN 9781405316255). I have had this book (both in paperback, which has been passed down to my brother, and hardback) for over three years, and there is so much to learn and look at. Being a visual learner, it does help having colour and diagrams to better my understanding :)

For Anatomy and Physiology on the other hand, I recommend two specialised textbooks. These are:

  • Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy (I have the 3rd Edition, but they have released a 4th recently ISBN 1451147260)- This book really is amazing. I love it, and it isn't too heavy to carry around. It utilises diagrams and quizzes, too.
  • Ross and Wilson Anatomy & Physiology in Health and Illness- This book is highly detailed, and is recommended by many college and university students.
  • Ross and Wilson Anatomy & Physiology Colouring and Workbook- I kid you not, this book does wonders :) It is a companion to the above book, but you can use it with others if need be.

And finally, I do recommend the BMA's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. This book is where I find my WOTD, and also if I'm bored, I like to flick through and learn something new. Only problem is the spine is on its way out now...

So there we are for now :) These books are very helpful and interesting, and yes, I do own them 
all (Play.com is good). I also own the Anatomy & Physiology for Dummies, but I do prefer the others. 

Eventually, I'll get round to amassing a list of Radiography specific books (e.g. Clark's), but for 
now, I'm focusing on getting to Radiography beginning standard of understanding the body.

Sorry this entry wasn't as interesting! I'll try to have something more fun tomorrow for you!

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